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Founded by Chris Scroope in 1988 (QBCC Licence Number 22751). From 1980 – 1986 Chris was involved in estimating and project management and from 1986-1988 Chris formed a construction partnership which was heavily involved in the building of World Expo ‘88. At the completion of this project, Chris ventured out on his own and his vision, passion and tenacity saw MCC grow to the well-respected and admired construction company of today.

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Years Experience


The MCC methodology is an integral part of the way we do business, and is based on integrity, cooperation, communication, leadership and trust. MCC will strive to consistently provide our client with the utmost level of respect and ensure that their needs are not only heard – but integrated into every level of their project.

Quality & Value (QSEMS)

MCC when undertaking a project never lose sight of the importance of quality. That’s why at every stage of the project our clients experience high performance from our management and workmen, leaving you with the quality of building that reflects highly upon us and the most important party – our client. MCC maintain an AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Assurance System which is integrated as part of our daily work practices. MCC promise also to never overlook the importance of your investment from start to finish, while ensuring that the quality of your project and your vision is never compromised. We believe long term value is better than short term gain.

Work Methology

Every project MCC has been involved with over 35 years of building works has required careful planning and management of building activities to meet the challenges of carrying out construction in mostly, highly populated operational environments. As such, we adapt procedures undertaken on previous projects to all site activities with an aim to reducing negative impacts whilst applying specific and unique approaches given the live projects particular needs.

In accordance with, and keen awareness of the clients specification, MCC understands and at all times acknowledges our duty of care and responsibility to ensure the well-being and safety of all persons present and involved within the construction precinct whilst construction works and sundry associated activity is being conducted.

Health, Safety & Environment

Construction work is a hazardous business and accidents can happen easily. Safety isn’t something that happens naturally. Safety cannot be left entirely to the safety advisors, nor can it be driven only by the Project Manager. Safety is a team effort that needs support from the whole management team and all the workers. To achieve this, MCC staff are encouraged to lead by example. Safety must be set-up properly from the start of the project, which should be scheduled and planned in such a way that the work can be done safely.

MCC have a commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all of our staff and contractors and is underpinned and supported by our proven track record in the region. Development and the environment should be able to co-exist with ease; we view ourselves as the mediators between the two, that is to say we strive to develop our community while minimising the effects we make on our environment. We factor this into our work by promoting clean methods of construction such as; noise and fume minimisation, correct methods of waste disposal, recycling of materials and water conservation.

Our Commitment

Through our simple aim of keeping our client’s needs first we are consistently ensuring that our work is done to the highest standard – while remaining economical, precise and professional. MCC are confident we have the extensive experience with projects of diverse nature and can deliver them on time, safely and on budget to the complete satisfaction of all involved.

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